The Way you GCPay is changing

As you know, GCPay is a collaborative platform which manages the payment application process for both general contractors and subcontractors. Effectively, we are moving to share the cost between the general contractors and subcontractors. Historically subcontractors have not paid a fee to use the product, for the 24x7 customer support they access, or for the training they receive.

For all new projects from May 1 this year (not existing projects) there will be a $30 per approved payment application for subcontractors. Both parties benefit from GCPay, so our fees are now shared between the two.

Up to 50% of your monthly project fee back

As part of rolling out this change, we’ve carefully considered our existing GCPay customers and how we can assist with the transition. With this in mind, we are offering a rebate to you.

On new projects after May 1, you will receive a $5 rebate per approved payment application. This rebate is capped at 50% of your monthly fee. This rebate materially reduces the price you pay today.

Our ultimate aim is to help you serve your subcontractors and empower them to work with you as easily as possible. We are a partner to our GCs and this means looking after their subcontractors too.

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Our general contractor and subcontractor users have been asking us for new features to help them, so everyone can further benefit from using GCPay. Throughout 2020, we will begin introducing a host of new features. Here’s just a few.

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Digital Signatures

With our new Digital Signatures feature, users can sign lien waivers electronically seamlessly. Do away with time-consuming and error-prone printing, signing, and uploading.

Coming March 2020

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Chat Support

Chat support allows users to get answers to pressing questions when they need it - while they’re using the GCPay platform. More information coming soon.

Coming March 2020

Change Order Prompt icon

Change Order Prompt

Allows subcontractors to provide their customer with detailed, actionable information about pending or approved change orders. More information coming soon.

Coming March 2020

Custom Job Number icon

Custom Job Number

Custom job details give subcontractors the option to input their internal name and number for projects, SOVs, and payment applications. More information coming soon.

Coming April 2020

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